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The Lugg and Arrow Fisheries Association (LAFA) was formed in 2003 to take all possible action to restore the former excellence of these rivers following years of declining fish stocks and other aquatic life. It is a broad-based organisation made up of riparian owners, anglers and anyone else with an interest in the two rivers.

Since 2005, LAFA have been working with The Wye and Usk Foundation (WUF) to benefit from their considerable financial expertise and practical experience in river and habitat improvement works. So far LAFA has raised over £38,000 towards the cost of this work, helping to provide the essential 'seed' money used by WUF to draw down the extra funding needed to build large-scale restoration projects.
We hope that all riparian owners, fishermen and other interested parties will join the LAFA to help continue raising money and take concerted action to improve matters. Not only will you benefit from the improvements, but there will be benefits for local communities too.


Why Join?

We very much hope that anyone with an affiliation to these wonderful rivers would want to help us restore and protect them, whether they are a riparian owner, angler, walker or wildlife enthusiast. LAFA raises funds to do just that and ensure the Lugg and Arrow’s interests are represented with statutory bodies and other forms of government. Much of the physical work is carried out by our main partners, the Wye & Usk Foundation and other organisations. LAFA over-see the work and the results through regular reports to our committee. Keep scrolling down to see how to join us.

By joining LAFA you will be helping to ensure the long term health of rivers Lugg and Arrow.


How to Join?

To join us in restoring the Lugg & Arrow, please email the Membership Secretary, Rod Symondson with your name, address, telephone number and e-mail.

New members are invited to make either an annual standing order subscription of not less than £10 and/or a larger, "one off" donation towards the cost of the restoration works. Please make your payment via the Gift Aid Form on the Wye and Usk Foundation website, or via the MyDonate website.

Both these methods will enable the tax to be reclaimed on your payment and all money received will be used exclusively for LAFA-approved projects.



The Lugg & Arrow

Fisheries Association

Dedicated to the improvement and maintenance of the environment and habitat of the Lugg and Arrow catchment


“There is a charm about those lesser border streams running out of Welsh hills into English pastures ”


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